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El Salvador - Emerging and Unexplored

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There’s a buzz in the air. Eco-minded adventure and culture junkies alike have figured it out.


Just when you thought you’d been everywhere – GreenSpot.travel has found somewhere new and exciting for you to try out. El Salvador? Yes, El Salvador travel. Fascinating indigenous culture, ruins, volcanoes and surf – and lovely people. What an amazing place! 

In travel to El Salvador you can bask yourself in cultures of the past, and witness their convergence with the El Salvador of today. You can explore the volcanic highlands and crater lakes and coffee fields, learn from the people themselves about their history over fresh coffee and local yummy treats and finish off your trip lazing on the Pacific coast.


For such a small country, the diversity is astounding. The country has four distinct regions for nature, culture and adventure lovers. The region of the volcanoes will astonish you as your view is filled with not one, not two, but three of these towering conic mountains in one place. This is also where the historic and mystical town of Izalco, right at the base of a volcano, captivates its visitors.  The volcanic Pacific coast has mangroves, coral reefs, and great surf to dive into.  The mountainous highlands offer a glimpse into the cultures of indigenous and colonial cultures in breezy, cooler climates. Here on higher ground coffee flourishes alongside dense forests, lagoons and authentic arts and crafts can be found. If wildlife is what you’re looking for, then national parks El Imposible and Santa Rita with thousands of protected acres are a must visit. 


El Salvador’s location between Honduras and Guatemala means you can stop there to explore during your Central American expedition, or you can fly there directly and easily from home.


  • Explore San Salvador – a city rich with history, art and culture – and a volcano!
  • Visit the land of volcanoes where vistas will enthrall you.
  • Get to know the charming Salvadoreños, a people so warm and friendly you will feel at home in a foreign land.
  • See highlands, lowlands, the coast, misty cloud forests, wildlife and the city all in one small and incredibly diverse country.
  • Camp in the rainforest or indulge in world class art – the choice is yours.

Green Spot travel can customize your trip to El Salvador especially for you. We've put together some suggested itineraries for El Salvador to give you an idea of the different combinations of places and activities we recommend and we can work with you to make your vacation just right, just let us know, it's what we do best!


Granja San Bernardo



Villa Santa Leticia


Oasis Salinitias





Portezuelo Park






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