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Green Gives Back

A Community Dresses for School Success

Procopio Gamboa Villalobos School, located ten miles from La Fortuna in the shadow of the Arenal volcano, is performing an amazing feat of alchemy - turning old clothes into new computers. The school, which serves 300 children in grades one through six, has been chronically short of funds for needed improvements to its technology in particular and for the campus in general.

To meet the need, Principal Yaniny Guzman and other school supporters have launched a project to create a used clothing store. Space has been set aside at the school to serve as a collection point for donations from community members and from abroad. When the inventory reaches a sufficient size, everyone in the area is notified of the hours the store will be open, and the sale is on.

With volunteer labor and donated merchandise, 100% of the proceeds from the clothing sales are returned to the school for the purchase of computer equipment and for the development of an environmental education program. Longer term, the school hopes to raise enough money through the store to construct a new building that can serve for both physical education and for the expansion of the environmental education classes.

GreenSpot.travel supports this project in several ways. We collect gently used clothing from donors in the U.S. and deliver the goods during our regular trips to Costa Rica. We provide advice and business guidance to project leaders as the clothing store grows. And last but not least, we provide grants from our travel agency revenues to help with start-up costs and operations as the store is getting off the ground. In the near future, we hope that the used clothing store model will be expanded and franchised to other communities as a very green, sustainable and empowering method of fundraising through recycling. We're so excited about the possibilities of this project and we hope you'll join us, either by making a donation now or by visiting the school on your next trip to Costa Rica. We are happy to include this wonderful community and its innovative residents in your itinerary.

Call or email us (info@greenspottravel.org) if you would like to make a donation or to hear more about the project.