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Ecuador and The Galapagos


The People & Places of Ecuador

Visit the Galapagos Islands, a mecca for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. But don’t forget that mainland Ecuador is equally amazing, including the peaceful Andes Highlands and the incredible Amazon, filled with local tradition, culture, and cuisine.

Marco Castro

Marco has been guiding trips in Ecuador for 20+ years and knows how to handle unique situations. When a cattle truck stood between his group and their itinerary, he did something not every guide would do: he helped the farmers milk the cows.

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Tierra del Volcan

By preserving and protecting this vastly untouched corner of the Andean Highlands, the Perez family have continued a dream that spans multiple generations. It's the perfect spot to mountain bike, live the chagra lifestyle on horseback, and learn how to cook empanadas.

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Pacari Chocolates

In an effort to produce organic, Ecuadorian chocolate, Santiago Peralta and his wife started Pacari Chocolates in 2002. They developed personal connections with the cacao farmers and are committed to supporting local rural communities.

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Sacha Lodge

Experience incredible wildlife viewing in Ecuador's Amazon region. Located within a 5,000-acre private ecological reserve, Sacha Lodge is a pristine rainforest sanctuary built with comfort and environmental preservation in mind.

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Nestled in a valley formed by volcanos, Quito's grand plazas and stunning colonial architecture make it easy to see why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Artisan Markets

Stroll through the bustling Otavalo market, one of the most colorful and lively in Latin America. Or seek out a smaller market where the locals shop for produce and will stop to tell you their stories.

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Ecuador Trip Styles & Itineraries

Our itineraries and trip styles are only starting points, designed to give you ideas and inspiration. Once you’re ready to get planning, we’ll work together to customize your perfect trip.

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Ecuador Inspiration

Our Top 5 Foods – And Where You’re Traveling Next to Find Them

It’s no surprise…at all…that we love food. Any and every chance we get, we channel our inner gluttonous selves in search of some ‘omg you’d die and go to heaven…

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Culinary Ecuador Adventure

11 days, customized to your budget Ecuador is history: fascinating indigenous cultures, slow winding rivers and lush tropical forests, spectacular snow capped volcanoes and some of the most exciting wildlife…

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Ecuador Testimonials


"The planning and logistics went off without a flaw. All the pick up and connection were without a hitch. We had a wonderful time in Ecuador. Thank you for planning our trip. Greenspot rocks!"

Steve Barker
Traveled to Ecuador, February 2016

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