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The People and Places of Iceland

Design your perfect Iceland experience, from the the bustling culture of Reykjavik to the otherwordly glaciers, volcanoes, and hot springs that make this country unique.

Hotel Egilsen

Egilsens House was built in 1867, in Stykkishólmur, on the western peninsula of Snæfellsnes. In the 1970s the town council and mayor began a project to restore old houses in the town, and thought it added great seaside charm.

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Bjarteyjarsandur Farm

At Bjarteyjarsandur, enjoy a farm-to-table meal and join the family for seasonal farm activities. Lambing season is in May, sheep herding in September, wool shearing workshops in March and November, and wild mussel picking from October to April.

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Meet local guide Karolina: “Iceland is one of nature’s miracles and you can’t experience it by watching nature programs. The country has its own soul and 1,000 years of settlement history, with several generation of citizens adding their lines to it."

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Chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson

Restaurant Matur og Drykkur ("Food and Drink") offers traditional Icelandic dishes with a modern twist, and a focus on seasonal Icelandic ingredients. The spot has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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Puffins have large beaks and mouths, and pointed backward-facing spines that allow them to catch as many as 10 small fish and hold them in their mouths without swallowing. In the spring, a puffin’s face and bill become even more brightly colored.

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Meet Einar Óli, a passionate landscape photographer and enthusiastic Icelandic guide. He believes that meeting people from all around the world is the most rewarding aspect of being a guide, and he spends time getting to know his clients’ cultural backgrounds and expectations to make their trip even more personal.

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Iceland Trip Styles & Itineraries

Our itineraries and trip styles are only starting points, designed to give you ideas and inspiration. Once you’re ready to get planning, we’ll work together to customize your perfect trip.

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Iceland Inspiration

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Iceland Testimonials


“Our trip to Iceland was truly beyond words!!! Our guide was the perfect guide for us! He was an expert driver as well as guide, answering all of our constant questions-from the history to landscape to local lore. He made the first few days memorable as well as easy.”

Denise O'Bleness
Traveled to Iceland in July 2015

"Thank you for your help in organizing our amazing trip. I was very happy with the waterfalls you recommended, and we made it many of them!The logistics worked very well too. Everyone was accommodating and the hotels were all lovely. The planned activities provided an opportunity to see many things we could not have seen on our own in Iceland."

Chad Carlson
Traveled to Iceland in July of 2017

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