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Rural tourism project in the Manuel Antonio Area

Driving toward the mountains of Talamanca, 45 minutes from Quepos-Manuel Antonio, is the town of Londres, and the Rural Tourism Project of Los Campesinos Private Reserve. Hanging bridgeCreated by three local costarricans, who wanted to share their tico traditions, great food, and their stories about growing up in the area and the old Costa Rica, but most important to give visitors the opportunity to experience the authentic side of the country, by spending a day hiking among farms, creeks, waterfalls, and wildlife in the primary and secondary forest. Los Campesinos reserve is located on a majestic mountain range between the Naranjo and Savegre rivers watersheds. ViewThe Reserve is part of the community of Quebrada Arroyo, and is managed by Don Miguel Mora, his brother and his wife Doña Juanita. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the locals, walk in a hanging bridge, and if you feel even more adventures, you could experience a traditional manual tram (kind of a metal tram suspended by ropes) to get across the Savegre River. A day of memorable moments that could be added, if you are staying in the Manuel Antonio Area.
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