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Day 5-6 Akal-ki and Bacalar Lake

Off to have breakfast to the Akal-ki hotel, the kind of the hotel that gives you the peacefulness and quietness in your mind and body. A place where groups of yogis, have their retreats and where families and couples connect to each other in the ambiance offered by the Bacalar lake, lake  of the 7 colors.
Akal-ki is located in front of the Bacalar Lake, the turquoise waters are product of the deep green tone of the mangroves and reed beds. Being the second largest sweet water lake in Mexico, just 3 hours from Cancun, and featuring  one of the most impressive and deep “holy holes” in the whole Yucatan Peninsula , with an estimate deepness of 600 ft. Akal-ki, a place founded to retreat yourself and purify your soul, as Luis explained to us while having a delicious breakfast. With just 11 bungalows that accommodates from 2 people to families of 6, their operation runs under sustainable practices. Great food, upscale service and comfortable lodging, makes visitors return every year.
After touring Akalki, we headed to the famous Cancun, I have to say that I was “excited” to see what Cancun looked like, as I’ve heard so much about it, all these years. Before we got there, we stopped at Playa del Carmen, a very busy place for my taste. Crowds of people walk the strip during the day and as the night falls, between Playa del Carmensombreros and colorful souvenirs stores. We arrived at Dreams Cancun, located 15 minutes from the center of the area, where the action really is. The hotel is a mega-resort with buffet meals and swimming pools, where you can just sit under the big umbrella and have your margarita. It was nice to hear that even though they are an all-inclusive hotel, they still have a green department, which is working with Rainforest Alliance’s help, to operate under sustainable practices as well. There was just one thing that put me out of balance, “swimming with dolphins”?!, an optional activity we were offered to do. What do you think about it?

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