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A Green Small Ship Cruise to Alaska


Have you ever been on a SMALL cruise ship?

These boats are great because they use way less fuel and conserve overnight to reduce emissions in a big way. How do they do this? The Island Spirit shown here has large batteries – total battery weight is 7500 lbs. The batteries allow the vessel to shut off the generators at night, providing 10-12 hours of quiet and 0 emission bliss. Through the special 48 volt DC inverters, power is turned into normal electricity like home…Guests can run their heater fans, lights, razors, lounge tv, bar, etc. – even microwave popcorn for the evening movie.

In Small Ship Cruises’ SE Alaska itinerary the Island Spirit charges the large battery bank by day and uses those batteries at night to keep passengers warm. All ships engines and generators are turned off at 9 pm for quiet Alaskan evenings and you can listen to the sound of Alaska right outside your opening window.

The ship engines are low emissions and low smoke, making her one of the most environmentally friendly small vessels to cruise the region. Cruises, usually 9 days, feature small ports with a focus on wildlife, environment and local culture and include kayaking.

For more information on these Alaska Cruises visit:  www.smallshipcruises.com or www.smallalaskaship.com