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My GreenSpot office for the week

Here I am in the warm Costa Rican weather! Working — yes, it is all about work, but still a very nice opportunity I have to do it from here, reachable at any time for my clients who are getting their bags ready to come down here as well. And for those who are still trying to plan their vacation to this tropical country… my country.
Staying here in the Central Valley for the next 4 nights, while I make it down to my mom’s in the Arenal area.  It is funny the way the U.S restaurants and hotel chains like this one are better in foreign countries. I have to say it is actually quite pleasant to stay here (at the Holiday Inn by the International Airport), breakfast was good, service is very nice and the rooms are actually very clean and smell good!  Perhaps, a hotel option I could consider for the in and out of the country nights for people travelling on a budget with late flights into San Jose or early flights out. Oh … and I forgot to mention that local phone calls, international phone calls, internet and shuttle to the airport are services included in the rate.
More from me later…

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