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At Home on a Costa Rica Vacation

It’s that time of year when I come to Costa Rica to explore new lodging possibilities, meet with our operators to talk about improvements on the logistics of the trips and visit my family. Can I call it vacation too? Hmmm, not sure.  tico foodEnd of July, beginning of August is my favorite time to come to my country, as it is the rainy season, yes the rainy season! Everything is so green, cheaper prices  and when the fruits that I don’t have back at home (US and Canada) are ready, as my husband like to call them “monkey fruits”, such as nances, mamones, jocotes, they are all kind of wild fruit, that’s why the nickname “monkey fruit”. Between having big breakfast with my family (gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, cheese, fried plantains and coffee) getting together with old friends, having evening conversations with the neighbors, and celebrating the annual activity to honor the country’s patron saint, la Virgen de los Angeles, is how I spend my free time when I’m down here. Every year hundreds of Catholics walk their way to her home in the province of Cartago, to give her their respects, for helping them to solve issues like illness in their families, financial situations and also for helping students to pass in high school and superior education! blog 2It is all an act of faith. A faith that stays in the Tico’s heart all year long.

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Irene, thank you for sharing what it’s like for you on your return visits to Costa Rica… casi me pongo llorar, me allegro 🙂

  • Sorry for my bad english. Intresting title. It attracted me to read the complete post. Thanks

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