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To See a Jungle, Walk This Way

By Bob Linde and Shirley Linde:

It pays to walk a trail with a naturalist guide. A good guide will help keep you out of danger, help you spot wildlife and tell wonderful stories about what you see.

We have hiked through rainforests of Costa Rica and Belize and through jungles along the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers with naturalist/guides.The four of the naturalists we have travelled were Marcel Lichtenstein, Carla Weston, Conrad Weston, and Dr. Charles Leavell. They share their tips on the ways to walk a trail like an expert and have satisfying sightings of wildlife in even the most remote areas:

1. Go with only a few other people. Big groups don’t work.

2. Go at sunrise and sunset if you can. As sunlight arrives, monkeys are screaming and birds are chirping; at sunset they are giving their goodnight calls.

3. Know where you’re going. Is it a loop trail or must you return the same way you came? Watch for landmarks on the way to make returning easier.

4. Stay on the trail. Watch where you walk. When you’re looking up at the trees, don’t move your feet. When you’re moving your feet, look down. If you’re going to touch something, take a close look before doing it…

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