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This Year Take Better Vacations

Make a New’s Resolution You’ll Love Keeping, This Year

It’s that time of the year to make (and keep!) New Year’s Resolutions. You could say you’re going to lose weight, save money or sleep more, but this year make a resolution that’s more fun to keep. This year Travel Better. You might think I already go on amazing vacations. But afterwards did you:

  • Come home feeling invigorated?
  • Learn anything about the place you went that wasn’t from a guidebook?
  • Make any new friends?
  • Try any local food that wasn’t from the hotel buffet?
  • Do something exhilarating?

Beyond the comments and likes on your travel photos, does your vacation really stay with you?

If that answer is no, this resolution is for you. Traveling better means exceptional experiences, experiences with authentic, local culture—unique to that place that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Vacations where you can actually relax, unplug, and recharge. A better vacation means deeper connections with the place, the people, your travel companions, and even yourself. Your vacation also supports local economies and leaves lasting impressions with your hosts. Traveling better results in real change. These kinds of trips get you outside of your comfort zone, teach you something new, and help you find your new favorite things. #TravelBetter because you want more meaningful vacations that last beyond your time there.

Sound good? Over the next few weeks, Irene your VFG (Vacation Fairy Godmother) will share her tips and tricks for how you can travel better, this year and for ever after. Share your trips with #TravelBetter.

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