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Sea Turtles and SEE Turtles loves to hear about and showcase organizations who are working hard to benefit people and the planet. In countries that have sea turtle nesting beaches, often there are challenges to keeping those nesting places undisturbed and healthy.  In some cases there is illegal poaching of sea turtles, in other cases development inhibits the ancient, mysterious creatures from coming ashore for their regular reproduction routines.

Photo by Neil OsborneOrganizations that work toward the conservation of sea turtle nesting sites such as SEE Turtles know that their work is essential in the preservation of these areas so that sea turtles can flourish.

Director Brad Nahill and his team at SEE Turtles have a mission to contribute profits to conservation, providing necessary income to communities that surround the sea turtle nesting sites. He shared his latest news with

“Building on a successful first year, the SEE Turtles ( conservation tourism program is relaunching its website with a new look and expanded offerings.  Visitors to the website will find a variety of new trips to participate in sea turtle conservation and research in beautiful surroundings.  SEE Turtles creates partnerships with leading tour operators and organizations to promote travel to sea turtle hotspots where a modest amount of tourism can greatly benefit conservation efforts. Each trip generates donations for turtle conservation and creates alternatives to turtle poaching or irresponsible fishing in small coastal communities in Baja California Mexico, Costa Rica, and Trinidad & Tobago.”

Thanks to Brad and SEE Turtles for another great example of how green travel can create positive impacts.

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