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Exclusive Interview: Esteban Tells All!

If there was a cutest animal competition in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, we’d bet our colones or cordobas on the sloth. That face. Those eyes. That button nose. Claws down, the white-faced monkey will have to settle for runner up. Here at Morgan’s Rock Eco-Lodge in Nicaragua, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Esteban, a sloth that sleeps in a tree just outside the lobby.

Esteban before he gets his beauty sleep.

After months of nagging, today we finally landed an exclusive interview with Esteban! Here’s what went down:

Irene respects Esteban’s need for rest. Sloths sleep between 15-20 hours a day!

GS: Hola Esteban, thanks for agreeing to hang out & talk to us today. We can’t help but notice your heavy coat. Aren’t you hot? It’s 90 degrees here in San Juan Del Sur! 

Esteban: Hola GreenSpot. If I’m going to do an interview, it’s going to be for GreenSpot travelers. ‘Nuff said. And this old thing? Well it’s not exactly “my coat.” In rainy season it’s home to a whole ecosystem. In fact, one of my buddies had 950 beetles living on him once! It’s because we have algae growing on us. I had to evict a few moths today. Yes. I’m hot which is why I asked that we do this in the shade of my favorite tree. 

 GS: Seriously? That’s wild. You seem so motionless all the time.  We‘re actually surprised to see you’re not napping! What’s the occasion?

Esteban: (Asks if he can say this off the record. GS says no.) I’m just getting ready to take my weekly trip to the bathroom.

GS: Wow, you only go to the bathroom once a week?

Esteban: Yes. We’re not the fastest of creatures and spending time on ground is dangerous especially in the jungle where predators can be found. So we spend most of our time in trees and only go to the bathroom once a week. It also has to do with our diet.

GS: Oh, that’s interesting. Do you mind telling us what’s in your diet?

Esteban: Not at all. We eat leaves, fruit, and Twigs.

GS: You still eat Twigs? We thought Nabisco discontinued them years ago.

Esteban: (eyeroll)

GS: Before you go back to sleep for another 18 hours, is there anything about your species that you want to share with GreenSpot travelers?

Esteban: Sure. We weren’t always small. Our ancestors were huge and some as big as elephants. Back then, thousands of years ago, we even lived on the ground. And not just in Latin America. We also were known to chill in North America. Go Yankees!

GS: That’s fascinating. And you like baseball? 

Hang on a second! And just where do you think you’re going?

Esteban: Love it. It’s the national sport here in Nicaragua.

GS: That’s right. The national sport of Costa Rica is soccer, but you folks prefer baseball. Is it also true you follow the sport of swimming?

Esteban: That rumor IS true. Sloths are no good on the ground, but we’re great swimmers. Well, maybe not as great as Phelps & Lochte…

GS: Haha. Well, look we won’t keep you any longer from your weekly bathroom break, so thanks a bunch for sharing with GreenSpot travelers today. We hope to introduce many of them to you in person one day.

Esteban: That would be cool. Can’t wait. You know where to find me. Well, except that one day a week…

 GS: True! And you know where to find us if you need anything. Twitter @GreenSpotTravel  


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