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Travel Styles

Trips designed, with you in mind.

Our itineraries and trip styles are only starting points, designed to give you ideas and inspiration.

Once you’re ready to get planning, we’ll work together to customize your perfect trip.


Trip Style: Adventure

Explore trips that include a little bit of adrenaline and plenty of activity, Our itineraries always include time to relax too, so you can enjoy various aspects of our incredible destinations.

Baja Kayak and Whale Watching Combo

8-10 day group departure, from $1,995 per person

In order to get the full Baja experience, combine a multi-day kayak adventure with several days at base camp on white-sand beaches relaxing while enthralled by every movement of the majestic grey whales who migrate and calve there. If your ideal vacation combines several active days with some time to relax in nature surrounded by incredible wildlife, this just might be your trip of a lifetime.


  • Standard hotels upon arrival and departure
  • Several days at safari-style base camp, with comfortable quality equipment and all your food prepared for you
  • 4 hours of kayaking per day on the kayak portion
  • Daily whale-watching expeditions led by professional naturalists during the whale portion
  • Various opportunities for dune hiking,  snorkeling, beachcombing, and birding in mangrove channels
  • Fresh authentic Mexican meals and margaritas that celebrate the culture and cuisine of the region
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Culture and Cuisine

Trip Style: Culture and Cuisine

These itineraries allow you to get to know the people and places of GreenSpot’s destinations. Learn local customs, visit important historical sites, spend time with locals getting to know their way of life, and explore sense of place through traditional food and drink.

Iceland Cultural Experience

7 days, ask us about pricing

Icelandic horseIceland is full of tradition, culture and good stories, told by passionate people. This Icelandic adventure is steeped in culture, and enthusiastic guides bring these stories to life. On this itinerary, you will stay in a hip and friendly Reykjavik hotel, as well as charming historical country lodges. You’ll also see some of Iceland’s most iconic natural wonders, such as the great Geysir, Gulfoss Falls, and geothermal spas.


  • Ride the majestic Icelandic horse and learn why it is such a special and unique breed.
  • Visit a working farm, where you have the opportunity to help herd or sheer sheep and experience farm to table dining.
  • Take a food tour through Reykjavik and try some Icelandic specialties.
  • Hike on the western peninsula of Snaefellsnes and discover the mystery behind Iceland’s historical sagas.
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Nature and Wildlife

Trip Style: Nature and Wildlife

Beaches, rivers, jungles, cloud forests, and glaciers await you. Spend your days connecting with the outdoors, stunned by breathtaking landscapes, and exploring some of the world’s most unforgettable wildlife habitats.

Wild Osa Peninsula and Pacific Beaches

8 days from $2,395 per person

Discover the must-see region of Costa Rica on the southern Osa Peninsula. This is where the rainforest is densest, the wildlife is wildest, and the opportunity for some of the best jungle exploration is at your fingertips at Corcovado National Park. For the second half of your journey head north to Manuel Antonio, where you can explore, relax, surf, and enjoy local cuisine at one of our favorite beach resorts.


  • Experience the wild Osa Peninsula at a jungle lodge, nestled amidst the vibrant green rainforest and covered hillsides overlooking the tranquil waters of Drake Bay
  • Embark on a guided hike in Corcovado National Park, where you might find squirrel monkeys, harpy eagles, nesting sea turtles, big cats, and crocodiles.
  • Explore the rainforest and beaches of Manuel Antonio, while zip lining through the forest canopy and discovering hidden pristine beaches
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Trip Style: Wellness

Here’s your chance to spend your vacation nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Our wellness itineraries focus on health, fitness, and finding your best self with good food, special activities, and some pampering and relaxation too.

Pura Vida Luxury Wellness

7 days from $3,295 per person

Have you been longing to escape daily stress and treat yourself to a special trip that will enrich your mind, body, and soul? Our new wellness itinerary is a week-long adventure focused on health and a life well-lived, for people of all fitness levels. Stay in two enchanting eco-lodges, eat local, healthy cuisine and participate in fun, action-packed activities that will help you get flexible, strong and energized.


  • 3 nights at Finca Rosa Blanca, a stunning coffee farm plantation and luxurious inn in the central valley highlands of Costa Rica.
  • Personalized cooking class with the on-site chef using ingredients from the greenhouse, and an innovative coffee-themed dinner experience, utilizing coffee from the hotel’s plantation in creative ways throughout each course, including wine pairings.
  • Explore the role of nature in wellness through guided wildlife and volcano hikes.
  • 3 nights at 5-star luxury resort Arenas del Mar, situated outside Manuel Antonio National Park, with its expansive white sand beaches backed by evergreen forest.

Note: Pricing is based in low season months (September – October)

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Family Travel

Trip Style: Family Travel

Families are traveling together, across generations, more than ever before. And family vacations can be especially memorable when you don’t need to worry about all the details. Just let us know how you envision your family time. Lots of adventure? Ample relaxation on the beach? A mix that keeps everyone happy? We’ll make it happen.

Costa Rica Family Adventure

8 days from $3,105 per person

IMG_3345This trip combines several fun activities with some guided jungle exploration and plenty of time for relaxation. The result? A memorable Costa Rica family adventure that all generations will enjoy. The itinerary blends iconic must-visit sites and national parks with a stop on the wild and magical Osa Peninsula. Your entire family, young and old, will forever remember the quality time you spent together exploring lush tropical rainforests and playing on sandy beaches.


  • A stay at La Paloma Lodge in Drake Bay on the Osa, where you’ll have an incredible panorama of ocean and forest, guided hikes, and refreshing beach swims.
  • 2 nights at a lodge nearby Tortuguero National Park. Enjoy a guided wildlife boat trip through the park, spotting iguanas, monkeys, crocodiles and exotic birds. And experience the nesting of sea turtles on the beach if the season is right.
  • Choose between a visit to the beautiful and relaxing surf town of Nosara, just minutes from Playa Guiones, or get to know the pristine beaches and rainforest of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Note: Price is based on a family of four, with two adults and two children under 10.

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Land and Sea

Trip Style: Land and Sea

Combine small-ship adventures with land-based journeys, all focused on wildlife, culture, and different ways to experience the local flavor of GreenSpot destinations.

Galapagos and Andes Adventure

8 days from $5,795 per person

Enjoy the very best of this stunning and unique country by splitting time between the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. Cruise the islands for 5 days, enjoying these unique islands and abundance of diverse wildlife they have to offer. You’ll then spend a couple of nights in charming mountain lodges in the peaceful and stunning Andean Highlands, where you’ll encounter genuine Ecuadorian culture.


  • In the Galapagos, spend 4 nights aboard a gorgeous 16-passenger catamaran, with spacious balcony cabins.
  • Expert guides accompany you on kayak tours, snorkeling excursions and boundless wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • Spend time in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Ignite your senses at the colorful and cultural Otavolo market; world famous for its pageantry & handcrafts.

  • Join in a soccer game with local schoolchildren after a hike through the mountains in Zuleta.


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