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The People & Places of Nicaragua

A relatively undiscovered tropical country of active, fiery volcanoes, age-old cultures, wildlife wonders, Indigenous history, and pristine secluded beaches

San Juan del Sur

Explore colonial-era churches like this one in San Juan del Sur.

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Pescado Frito Entero

A traditional Nicaraguan preparation: whole fried fish, typically served with salad, rice, tostoñes (fried plantains), and tomato salsa.

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Chocolate Buffet

Enjoy a bean to chocolate tour, and taste cocoa to your heart's content in Grenada.

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Sunset in Moyogalpa

Facing the western side of Ometepe, Moyogalpa is a great place to relax and watch the sun bid farewell.

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A Man and His Horse

You never know what locals you might encounter, and what stories they might have to offer.

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Howler Monkeys

On Nicaragua's South Pacific, surf, scuba, go horseback riding, or relax in a hammock and listen for howler monkeys.

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Nicaragua Trip Styles & Itineraries

Our itineraries and trip styles are only starting points, designed to give you ideas and inspiration. Once you’re ready to get planning, we’ll work together to customize your perfect trip.

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Nicaragua Inspiration

Our Top 5 Foods – And Where You’re Traveling Next to Find Them

It’s no surprise…at all…that we love food. Any and every chance we get, we channel our inner gluttonous selves in search of some ‘omg you’d die and go to heaven…

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Romantic Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, so there’s no shortage of breathtaking views, tropical flora and fauna, and memorable experiences to enjoy with your sweetheart on…

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Nicaragua Testimonials


"We have been so enchanted by this lovely country, and we have learned and seen so much with our guides and drivers (and new friends). It was a family and foodie adventure extraordinaire, and a really peaceful place with kind, friendly people."

Aviva Goldfarb
Traveled December 2016

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