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Nicaragua Trips

Nicaragua Volcanoes, Islands, and Beaches

A relatively undiscovered tropical country of active, fiery volcanoes and age-old cultures, Nicaragua boasts wildlife wonders like monkeys, macaws and an occasional jaguar. Every corner of the country is steeped in colonial or indigenous history.

Locals are eager to show you around, volcanoes rumble, and every lake has its own unique story to tell. Meanwhile you’ll visit secluded beaches that accentuate the natural beauty in a an undisturbed environment.


  • Visit to the picturesque town of Granada while staying in an upscale small boutique eco-lodge on an island
  • A trip back in history to the city of Leon, where the quiet and laid-back streets paint the perfect background for you to connect with locals and take in the colors and flavors of Nicaragua
  • Immerse yourself in the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean in the San Juan del Sur Beach area, with hidden beaches that offer time for sand, fun, sun, and hammock time.
  • Activities such as kayak tours, volcano boarding, wildlife spotting, local markets, chocolate tours, canopy tours, seasonal turtle watching, and much more.

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10 Years of Global Recognition

10 Years of Global Recognition

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10 Years of Global Recognition

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