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Baja Whale Watching Adventure

Here’s your opportunity to check that dream whale-watching experience right off your bucket list. Find yourself at an exclusive safari-style base camp situated on a secluded island beach in Magdalena Bay, a prime spot for gray whales to migrate every year and give birth to baby calves.

During your daily whale-watching excursions, you’ll ride motor skiffs out to sea where you can observe various behaviors like breaching, and even touch the noses of the friendly animals. Back at camp, you can continue to relax and watch from the shore as the baby calves learn what it means to be a majestic animal of the sea.


  • Standard hotels upon arrival and departure.
  • Several days at safari-style base camp, with comfortable quality equipment and all your food prepared for you.
  • Daily whale-watching expeditions led by professional naturalists.
  • Various opportunities for dune hiking, beachcombing, and birding in mangrove channels.
  • Fresh authentic Mexican meals and margaritas that celebrate the culture and cuisine of the region.

Note: In addition to Magdalena Bay trips, we also offer a whale-watching adventure in San Ignacio Lagoon, another gray whale hotspot in Baja.

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10 Years of Global Recognition

10 Years of Global Recognition

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10 Years of Global Recognition

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