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2017 Travel Trends

It’s September already (what?!), so planning for holiday travel and 2017 adventures is full steam ahead. While you consider where to go next and what to do when you’re there, we’ll be focusing all month on the latest travel trends which will shape your experiences into next year and beyond.

Here are some of the trends we’re paying attention to. We’ll share several examples of each trend over the next several weeks on social media and in our newsletter.

  • What to do in Nosara Costa RicaImmersive travel experiences that focus on wellness. Think unplugging from screens and wifi, setting aside plenty of time to be active and take care of your body, while remaining barefoot throughout your vacation. We’re offering several itineraries that capture the essence of this trend, paired of course with high levels of service, comfort, and sustainable practices.


  • Indigenous and Community-Based Tourism experiences. Visits to Indigenous communities in destinations like Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, or Ecuador are all about meaningful cultural exchange. And visits to rural communities allow travelers to explore working farms, take lessons from local artisans, sample typical cuisine, and learn from private guides about traditional ways of life.
  • íconos RestuarantCulinary Travel. This trend is not new for 2017, rather a trend from recent years that continues to flourish, especially in the destinations we serve. Take Costa Rica, for example, where more chefs/restaurants at top-rated lodges, as well as in/around the capital of San Jose are sourcing local and sustainable ingredients, and elevating Costa Rican ingredients and flavors to incredible new heights.
  • Travel that’s good for people and planet. Travelers increasingly seek vacations that are not only fun and relaxing, but contribute to conservation of culture, nature, and wildlife too, through genuine interactions with local people or visiting and supporting worthwhile projects.
  • Multi-Destination Visits: Clients are spending longer on the road and making the most of their time away, by combining more than one destination into a trip-of-a-lifetime — for example, designing an itinerary that includes both Costa Rica and Panama.

What are your 2017 travel plans? Let us know at info@greenspottravel.org