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Baja Kayak and Whale Watching Combo

6-10 day group departure, from $1,995 per person

14372449_1399082666787950_283261647767616557_oThis just might be your trip of a lifetime. Baja’s Sea of Cortez offers adventure-seekers and wildlife-lovers the perfect get-away. Spend your days exploring stunning coastline and desert islands in a kayak, underwater, and by foot. The region is known for incredible wildlife-viewing opportunities, including dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, manta rays, and thousands of brightly colored fish. During the winter migration, endangered blue whales are frequently swimming right beside you, adding a once-in-a-lifetime thrill to your kayak adventure.

In order to get the full Baja experience, combine a multi-day kayak adventure with that dream whale-watching experience that’s been on your bucke list. Find yourself at an exclusive safari-style base camp situated on a secluded island beach in Magdalena Bay, a prime spot for gray whales to migrate every year and give birth to baby calves. During your daily whale-watching excursions with naturalist guides, you’ll ride motor skiffs out to sea to observe various behaviors like breaching, and even touch the noses of the friendly animals. Back at camp, you can continue to relax and watch from the shore as the baby calves learn what it means to be a majestic animal of the sea. In the evenings, enjoy chef-made authentic Mexican meals and margaritas before falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the waves and preparing for the next day’s adventures.

 Highlights:Magdelena Bay_480sq

  • Standard hotels upon arrival and departure
  • Several days at safari-style base camp, with comfortable quality equipment and all your food prepared for you
  • 4 hours of kayaking per day on the kayak portion
  • Daily whale-watching expeditions led by professional naturalists during the whale portion
  • Various opportunities for dune hiking,  snorkeling, beachcombing, and birding in mangrove channels
  • Fresh authentic Mexican meals and margaritas that celebrate the culture and cuisine
    of the region