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Bringing Customized Experiences To Life

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s recently released 2016 Industry Snapshot shows that 55% of travelers are now requesting fully customized itineraries from tour operators and travel agents, a trend that’s increased steadily in recent years.

GreenSpot has been designing fully customized itineraries since our inception 10 years ago. We take customers on a journey through our Trip Design process, a high-touch approach that’s similar to planning a trip with your own local guide, who will take you to his or her favorite places, and provide advice and recommendations using insider knowledge and expertise. We utilize a thorough consultation process to help our clients craft their perfect ecotourism experiences, and make use of a highly-curated list of lodging and activity providers we have personally vouched for.

It’s easy to understand why this is so important. Today’s travelers are presented with a daunting amount of information to support their decision-making process, inundated with information and guidance presented to them by booking engines, blogs, magazine lists, and other experts.

As hard as they might try, it’s difficult for travelers to cut through the noise and book the hotels and activities that truly reflect their personal travel style and needs, while aligning themselves with responsible purchase values.  And once multiple locations are involved, it can be even more confusing and challenging to manage all the details and figure out the varied logistics of a trip.

GreenSpot’s Trip Design truly comes to life on our brand-new website (, where travelers can explore by destination or by a series of trip styles, to gain a sense of where they wish to go and what their trip might look like. They can then browse a series of itineraries we’ve produced, very few of which are sold directly. Instead these trips are presented to spark ideas and inspiration for clients, so that once they’re ready to start planning planning, our team can partner with them to customize every detail of their perfect vacation.

Which of our itineraries ignites your own sense of wanderlust? Let us know, and let’s get to planning.