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Discover Iceland…On Your Own!

10 days. Customized to your budget.



Iceland is an easy place to explore on your own, if that’s your style. Just sit back and let GreenSpot arrange your rental car, plan your route, find you comfortable and affordable accommodations, and organize incredible nature and culture experiences along the way. This itinerary covers a lot of diverse ground, ensuring you’ll discover the best of this Nordic wonderland, from spectacular waterfalls and majestic glaciers, to otherworldly geologic features, lush farmland, and diverse flora and fauna.


  • Drink some coffee, listen to some music outdoors, and enjoy some of the world’s best people watching in Reykjavik, before a visit to the iconic Bluie Lagoon
  • Drive the Golden Circle route, and don’t forget to breathe deeply as you take in several magnificent geysers and waterfalls. Then spend a day walking on lava fields, enjoying black sand beaches, and enjoying some serious glacier views.
  • Relax and enjoy the charming fishing villages of the East Fjords, where you can see impressive magma chambers filled with colorful mineral deposits and experience one of several art and culture festivals that take place all summer long
  • Explore the incredible Lake Myvatn with its bubbling mud pools, geothermal caves, and exceptionally diverse collection of waterbirds and ducks.
  • Visit a working farm, where you have the opportunity to help herd or sheer sheep, see Icelandic horses in action and experience farm to table dining.
  • Find yourself awestruck standing at the foot of a volcano and glacier when you visit Snæfellsjökull National Park and Glacier, said to be one of the seven great energy centers of the earth.

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