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Galapagos and Ecuador Andes Adventure

8 days from $5,795 per person

fleet_allEnjoy the very best of this stunning and unique country by splitting time between the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. Cruise the islands for 5 days, enjoying these unique islands and abundance of diverse wildlife they have to offer. You’ll then spend a couple of nights in charming mountain lodges in the peaceful and stunning Andean Highlands, where you’ll encounter genuine Ecuadorian culture.






  • In the Galapagos, spend 4 nights aboard a gorgeous 16-passenger catamaran, with spacious balcony cabins.boy with seal
  • Expert guides accompany you on kayak tours, snorkeling excursions and boundless wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Ignite your senses at the colorful and cultural Otavolo Market, world famous for its pageantry and handicrafts
  • Join in a soccer game with local school-chrildren after a hike through the mountains in Zuleta
  • Spend time in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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