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Nature for All

By: Jeremy Sampson, GreenSpot President

A ngscr21-0165-harmony-hotel-passage-to-the-beachew global movement called #natureforall was launched at the recently concluded IUCN World Conservation Congress, an important gathering of the conservation community which takes place every four years. At its core, #natureforall is about a simple but important idea for the times we live in: “The More People Experience, Connect With, And Share Their Love For Nature, The More Support There Will Be For Its Conservation.”

GreenSpot has shared this philosophy since our inception 10 years ago, and it has always been a core component of our clients’ itineraries. We love to see people of all ages gaining inspiration from learning about and connecting with nature and wildlife during their travels.

I had the honor of representing GreenSpot in Honolulu at this year’s World Conservation Congress, leading a panel discussion around the ways travel contributes positively to the conservation of Protected Areas. After an inspiring few days in Hawaii, it was an easy decision for GreenSpot to join the #natureforall movement by submitting a pledge to continue providing our clients with those transformational nature moments. We also pledged to evolve our recent efforts with Indigenous communities across Costa Rica, partnering with them to develop meaningful experiences for our guests while helping them protect native lands and traditional ways of life.

Join us in fostering the growth of this important new movement. And let us know how you want to connect with nature on your next vacation, so we can make sure it happens.