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Protecting People and Places

A-brown-throated-three-toed-sloth-spotted-by-Valerie-on-the-_ManuelAntonio-national-park-tour.-_arenasdelma-300x300By Jeremy Sampson, GreenSpot President

The adventure travel community celebrated an exciting milestone last week with the launch of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, a non-profit which will fund projects that support the conservation of natural and cultural resources in destinations around the world. Think pristine beaches. Trail systems. Wildlife sanctuaries. Marine protected areas. Indigenous culture and heritage.

These are the very resources we depend on every day to ensure that our clients are having transformational experiences in the places you love to visit. Conservation and the protection of people and places has always been a part of our ethos, and we’re proud to announce that we are among the first group of companies to contribute resources toward the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. We made this announcement last week in Anchorage, Alaska, at the Adventure Travel World Summit, and the fund will be just one part of our newly launched GreenSpot Gives program. Watch this space for more details on that program in the coming weeks.

Before visiting Alaska for the Summit, I had the opportunity to represent GreenSpot in Tulalip, Washington, at this year’s American Indian Tourism Conference. I presented some of the work we’ve been doing with Indigenous communities in Costa Rica, and had the chance to learn about some exciting developments in communities across the US. Just last week President Obama signed the NATIVE (Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience) Act, which was designed to strengthen and grow cultural heritage tourism across the US. We’ll learn from this work so that we can continue to improve on the experiences we’re providing travelers in places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.