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By Land and By Sea

By Irene Edwards, GreenSpot Founder

As intrepid and curious travelers, you’re always on the lookout for unforgettable experiences and new ways to experience nature and culture. And it seems like every time one of you return from a vacation, I hear things like: “Irene, that was fantastic! What should we do next?”

Like you, we’re highly selective when considering new experiences or itineraries. This means you’ll always enjoy trips with GreenSpot that are designed with the highest standards of quality and sustainable practices.

safari-voyager-dockedI’m happy to introduce our new series of “Land and Sea” itineraries in Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico, featuring small-ship voyages that we’re pretty sure you’ll love.

Admittedly, cruises are pretty different from the highly-customized eco-lodge-focused itineraries you’ve experienced with GreenSpot. To be honest, I never thought we’d sell cruises with set departure dates. Cruises just never seemed to be a great fit for travelers who want authentic interactions, plenty of activity, and immersive destination experiences with an eco-sensibility

Alas, I recently discovered that all cruises are not created equal. Stay tuned for my next post, where you’ll read about what I learned, why I changed my mind, and how you can experience your favorite destinations in a whole new way.

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