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Ecuador, Galapagos, and Peru: Group Departures

If a guided small group experience fits with your vision and budget for Ecuador/Galapagos and Peru, we have several new itineraries available, with pre/post-extensions possible if you’d like to design something just for you.
More detail on each itinerary is available on our Ecuador page.

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Galapagos South Island Exploration, 7 days from $2,295 per person

Explore the Galápagos Islands aboard the small-ship Yolita and enjoy the pristine beaches, natural and cultural history, and diverse wildlife of the southern islands. Your itinerary includes snorkeler’s paradise Devil’s Crown in Floreana, home to some of the most impressive marine life in the Galápagos, and Cerro Dragón, which includes some of the islands’ most notable bird-watching locales. The Yolita cruise lasts for 3 nights, and is combined with 2 nights in Quito and one night in a hotel on Santa Cruz Island.

Complete Galapagos Journey, 17 days from $7,710 per person

Imagine spending 15 full days up close and personal with the welcoming creatures of the Galápagos Islands, completing a full tour of the islands and the varied experiences that await you. You’ll visit South Plaza, home to the world’s largest population of land iguanas, spend an afternoon at Chinese Hat to see the birds and sea lions, and explore the mind-blowing Genovesa, home to an imploded volcano that hosts millions of boobies and seabirds. Spend your evenings aboard the stylish small-ship Queen of Galapagos with a maximum of 16 similarly intrepid island explorers.

Explore Ecuador and Peru, 17 days from $2,860 per person

Experience some of the best South America has to offer on this 16-day journey from Quito to Lima, that brings together the awe-inspiring landscapes of Ecuador and the vivid cultures of Peru. Stroll the Amazon rainforest beneath its living, orchestral canopy; retrace the paths of the Incas at iconic Machu Picchu; and feel at home among the people of the Sacred Valley.