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Enchanting Challenge

I don’t know about you, but even the name of this org makes you think differently about the word “Challenge”.  Enchanting Challenge is all about providing a place where people can inspire each other by sharing how they’re challenging themselves, for the good of the planet.

If you log on and create a profile, you can then start sharing the ways you are challenging yourself to help people or protect our natural resources. From things like composting, to riding your bike to work, to volunteering for a charity, seeing what others are doing is motivating and it makes you feel proud to share what you are doing, and keep going.

Sarah Maxwell has shared the history and idea behind Enchanting Challenge with GreenSpot.travel, as we are both challenging ourselves to make our organizations contribute more and more to the communities we visit.

Enchanting Challenge volunteers on eco-farm

Enchanting Challenge is the charitable arm of the Enchanting Group, a company that was founded in 1998 to promote holistic and environmentally-friendly tourism.  The charitable arm, Challenge, was founded this year, with following two goals in mind:

1. To connect people around the world out of a united desire to serve through our social media network (www.enchantingchallenge.com).
2. To host and promote Enchanting Challenge-sponsored service trips to be held at the Enchanting Group-owned organic farm in Chile and eco-resort in Mexico.

Since the Enchanting Challenge idea was hatched and put into action at the end of 2008, we have been so excited about the progress and service outreach that has already come from it.  The website itself has a number of users signed up and sharing their personal service challenges, inspiring and interacting with one another.  As for the service trips, they have been a really exciting success.  There are currently five volunteers lending a helping hand on the farm–and it is a very multi-cultural group of five volunteers may I add!  There are currently people there from Brazil, England, Australia, and Croatia!  We have dozens more signed up from around the world who are coming to join in helping the farm in the coming months (who we can’t wait to meet and work with).

Enchanting Challenge volunteers on eco-farm

There has also been exciting development with the eco-service trip to Mexico!  In March, two young women from a small university in Wisconsin visited the Enchanting Group-owned Ecotulum resort as volunteers and spent the week working on rainforest reforestation projects.  It is very exciting to be able to offer these opportunities to people around the world.

We at Enchanting Group and Enchanting Challenge are very enthusiastic about the future of our endeavors.  Enchanting Challenge belongs to both its users on the site who are sharing and collaborating on ways to serve the world and to its volunteers who are transforming the farm in Chile and the rainforest in Mexico where we invite them to serve.

So, please, know that you are invited, welcomed, and very much desired to join in our Enchanting world.  Join the discussion on our social media network here at http://www.enchantingchallenge.com.

Visit our group page on Idealist here to see all of our volunteer opportunities listed and explained in full detail!  In addition, here are a list of other sites that embody and help carry our message:

Enchanting Challenge Facebook Fan Page
Enchanting Challenge Organic Farm (Ulaa) Facebook Fan Page
Enchanting Challenge Service Blog: http://servicetrips.enchantingchallenge.com/
Enchanting Challenge Social Entrepreneurism Blog: http://socialentrepreneurs.enchantingchallenge.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EnChallenge

Check us out! We’re here and waiting for you!  I hope to meet you soon through the Challenge forums!!

– Sarah Maxwell

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