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Our Next Green Hot Spot – Egypt

When I found out I was going to Egypt, I immediately went to the local bookstore and got a few books aboutancient Egyptian culture and society. I was sure I didn’t want to get there and not know what the guide was showing me and trying to teach me. The following nights lead me to learn about pharaohs, pyramids, the Nile River and a lot more… As the departure time for our trip got closer, I felt almost as if I had been studying this culture for ages! I was ready to “brag” about everything I had learned to people I met along the way.



The beginning of our trip finally came, and after a 12 hour flight we arrived in Cairo, the main city. I couldn’t believe I was here, never in my wildest dreams have I thought I was going to travel to Egypt.

Our G Adventures guide Said, local Christian Egyptian, and expert in Egyptian history, met us for dinner to give us our first introduction about our trip.  I’m using the Christian adjective for him, as many people think everybody in Egypt is Muslim. Yes, it is the predominant religion (80 -90 % of the population) but there are also others who practice Christianity, with a number of Catholics among them.

When Said started talking I knew we were going to be in good hands. His enthusiasm and energy were contagious, and the knowledge he was showing about his country was superb. And he was just giving us an introduction about the trip! Couldn’t imagine how it was going to be for the rest of the tour! Bed was calling me by now, and off we went to get some rest, so we could be “ready and excited” for the next few days. More later…

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