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Hit the Seasonal Fast-Forward Button


Ah, March. Those of us who reside in the Northern Hemisphere, can already see the soft glow of sunlight at the end of the long winter tunnel. We say to ourselves, “I made it! Spring is on the way!”

But when we look out the window, we notice the wind blow through bare tree branches dripping with rain. Then we step outside to feel the warm sun, only to receive the sting of the still-frosty air on our faces. Reluctantly, we wrap our scarf tighter around our necks. Sigh. It’s still winter.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the world looks like this:


And people are sipping on drinks that look like this:

Costa Rica travel

Before you say to yourself, “that’s not fair”, take a moment to imagine your feet outside of wooly socks and rain boots, toes sinking in the sand, a ripple of seawater washing over them. The setting sun still feels warm on your skin.


Despite the remaining cold and dark days, March is the perfect month to hit the fast-forward button and begin dreaming about summer in Costa Rica or Ecuador. During this time of year, planning your dash down south is a clever way to cheat the seasons and kick-start your warm, summertime soul.

What are you waiting for?  Fast-forward to summer and contact our expert Trip Designers today.