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When I left, everyone said I was NUTS! Nicaragua?

 But the images that people have are all wrong!!!! The country and the people of Nicaragua were AWESOME.  The sliding down the flank of Cerro Negro and the Ferry to the Volcanic Island of Ometepe was a once in a life time experience.  Something I’ll always remember. Julio, my guide probably lost some blood circulation, when I was going down Cerro Negro, in his left shoulder, I was holding on so tight at least at the beginning. The culture and Masaya Volcanothe history in Leon were very impressive, the murals incredible.  Also, I met the owner of LaPerla, James Peterson, there, and had a great chat. I had the pool all to myself at Morgan’s Rock.  That was a very nice place!

Julio and my driver Yamal were Super Terrific!!!!!  I met their wives one night and we went out for/filebin/masaya-volcano.jpg dinner.  Then, we went out dancing.  They kept me entertained and laughing. The best way to experience the Nicaraguan culture. One of the wives gave me embroidery napkins and a CD of a singer named Paquita La del Barrio.  Funny, very funny. Every time I play the CD, it gives me back memories of my Nicaraguan trip.

So far 3 for 3, once more I had a FANTASTIC time.   You really know how to pick the right spots.  

Thanks Again For A Great Time!!!

Jeanann F.
Greenspot Repeat Client


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