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A Food Memory from Costa Rica


We received this lovely travel memory from The Goldfarb Family and just had to share with you:

“As someone who spends her life writing and thinking about food, I really enjoyed the fresh flavors of Costa Rica, especially the fresh mangoes and pineapple, fresh herbs, and locally caught fish with exotic-tasting sauces. But what we loved most was the abundant wildlife in the national parks. I found it so enchanting to be sitting in the little open air dining room in Corcovado Tent Camp and Lodge, and watching a family of Spider Monkeys come through the camp for their daily snack. We watched them leap from tree to tree, shimmy up the trunks of the coconut and mango trees, and feast on the ripe mangoes, often while hanging from the tree by one their tails or perching in a wobbly branch. Any mangoes they didn’t finish or rejected after picking them, landed with a thud on the tent below, probably to be picked up soon by the giant iguanas or fire ants. Behind us was the Corcovado National Park, and in front of us, past the monkeys, were the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing down on the empty beach at least empty of humans!”

Aviva has also shared two recipes inspired from her trip to Costa Rica:

Tortuguero Tilapia with Cilantro-Lime Sauce & Mango and Black Bean Salad

Our thanks to Aviva Goldfarb!

Recipes from The Six O’Clock Scramble – www.thescramble.com

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