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Merge of Cultures Through Art

What is the definition of Art? Did some research on internet and dictionaries, and the concept is so extensive that I thought it would be better if I tell you what art means for me instead. I think art is the way your eyes see things, the way words come out of your mouth, and the way your hands give life to things.

I do believe everybody has their own concept of art and that is what I’m seeing in the group of women I’m working with here in Toronto. They are of all different nationalities. They decided to come together as a group to express their life experiences through art (acrylic painting technique). We meet every Monday for three hours, to learn about painting techniques, history, and to put the brushes and color to work on the canvas. I’m not an artist at all, at least I haven’t discovered the artist within me quite yet, but I was asked today from the members to join them and start “painting.” I have to say I was so nervous, but still grabbed the brush and did what looks like “a confusion of lines and colors.” The feeling was overwhelming, as I was mixing colors and drawing lines, and it gave me some kind of weird freedom and excitement that I haven’t experienced before. I guess the real artists out there understand better what I’m trying to say, and that is how these women who, by the way, have lots of experience painting, convey their issues, obstacles and wishes in their lives.

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