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Start (planning) summer vacation with these tips

Remember when you were a kid, and you looked forward to summer like it was Santa coming at Christmas? That’s how stoked we want you to be for summer vacation 2013. Even though summer doesn’t officially start for another few months, planning early can pay off. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Consult with the kids. This doesn’t have to mean a free-for-all or throwing darts at a map. Kids do best when you provide specific options. Give them a list of a few destinations to choose from, and they’ll feel you value their input. (If you must, use reverse psychology to get them to pick the place you want most.)

-Seek out a specialist. Once you have a destination in mind, consult with a specialist. Of course, as Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialist for Costa Rica for the past seven years, we’re partial to their list of Top Travel Specialists. Each year Condé Nast Traveler handpicks an elite list of travel designers who are experts on a particular destination or interest. Only the best in the industry make the cut, and they’re the ones who can help you plan your summer vacation sans stress.

-Do your not-home work. Even if you’ve been to your vacation destination before or are having a specialist help you plan your trip, it can be fun and interesting to research where you’re going even before you get there. Get each family member involved and delegate duties. Big brother might like history, Dad may find the closest weird attractions like World’s Largest insert anything, and Mom always knows about the wildlife and when is the best time to view them.

-Save time with templates. If you have pets and/or plants, there’s no need to keep re-inventing the wheel with written lists of instructions. Use free templates like these  by Microsoft Office and just fill them out with the information that your sitter needs. Email it to your sitter to save paper. The best part? They’re reusable. Just edit them as you accumulate more pets and plants!

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Photos: If the kids insist on throwing darts, feel free to use this map. Heading to Italy? Look up the history of pizza & try to make an authentic pie at home. Speaking of home, sorry Zoe, it looks like you’ll be staying home this trip!

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