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Win two photographs by award-winning Peter Guttman

In an effort to spread the word about Brazil’s natural beauty, GreenSpot.Travel and EMBRATUR (the Brazilian Tourism Board) are giving away two framed photographs (The value of each photo is about $800) by Peter Guttman.  A magazine reviewer recently proclaimed, “View the world through Peter Guttman’s eyes once and chances are you’ll want to wear those glasses for the rest of your life.” The photos were displayed as part of the annual meetings at the United Nations last year.

How to participate?
We are looking for the most creative picture that describes the beauty of the Amazonian country of Brazil. Every picture should have an explanation of what you as a “photographer” captured on that moment, trying to explain what’s really the beauty behind that picture. 
Don’t have a picture taken in Brazil? Described in a paragraph what would be the perfect place to go in Brazil and why.
Please submit your entries at

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