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Amazing Thailand Always Amazes You

A slogan that I had the opportunity to experience on my own, as I headed to the TTM + 2011 (Thailand Tourism Mart) in Bangkok.  Before I got there, I kept painting pictures in my mind of what I’ve read and seen in books about this exotic country. Southeast Asia…?! Never thought I would be on this soil, but I guess it happened!

The only country in the region, that hasn’t been touched by the French and British colonization, featuring dense jungles, secluded beaches, tasty dishes, a culture that inspires me, and some type of spiritual connection that softens my soul.

 The North part with a mix of people from China and Myanmar and architecture from the pinnacle of the Golden Lanna Age, a region full of history dating back to the 7th century.

The Northeast part or Isan, rich with assets from the Khmer empire, and home to Thailand’s first National park, Khao Yai.

The East, with its stunning beaches, that invite you to melt in the sand and warm waters, as you merge yourself with the sounds of the local language that you might or not understand, but still sounds beautiful to your ears.

 The South, the prime location for yachting, scuba diving, and spas. Also the location chosen by the giant sea turtles, to lay their eggs from February to November.

 And Central Bangkok, where the adventure begins. A city inhabited by 10 million people, with busy and vibrant streets at night that would give you a good taste of the local atmosphere in the city.

Thailand is my favourite travel destination. Great culture, friendly people and amazing food, enjoy!

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