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Biking Bangkok's Busy Streets

Have you had the chance to explore the busy Bangkok streets by bike? We did, and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

When I found out that a biking tour was being offered during our most recent trip to Bangkok, I started picturing myself winding between the busy traffic of the city and ending the tour in tragedy…but if I didn’t do it I wasn’t going to know what the whole experience was about. So off I went with my little group of 7 people and our local Thai guide leading the way. The program was created in 2009 with the name of Green Bikes. A few years later they changed it to Bangkok Smile Bike. The routes are marked all along each side of the river. Most of the temples are located on the east side, while the west side is more residential. There’s no fee to use the bikes (just show your official photo ID/passport) grab a map and venture along, stopping at the interesting sites pointed out on the map. This is an excellent way of experiencing the culture and interacting with the locals.


Some tips to make the experience even better.

–  Go slow

–  Stick with the routes marked on the map

–  Try to bike in the morning and late afternoon, around 3:00 pm

–  Tall people – the seats are not adjustable. If you are under 5’10’’you’ll be fine.

–  Smile and be polite when passing the local

–  Have fun!

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Glad you took the plunge and did the bike tour. Great way environmentally friendly way to tour!

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