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A community dresses for success and GreenSpot is part of it

Off to a quick visit to my hometown. As you all know, I was born and raised under the shadow of the majestic Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, in the small town of Chachagua, located just 15 minutes from La Fortuna. Last week my mom informed me that the President of the Community Board, wanted to get in touch with us as he knows GreenSpot is trying to help the town of  Chachagua to become the next sustainable tourism destination in the area. It is important to mentioned that so far, La Fortuna is the most visited town in the Arenal Area, but one of Green Spot’s goals and vision is to help nearby communities to benefit too, but this time by helping them to create and offer sustainable tourism, where they can have a closer interaction with the culture, by having the clients visiting local families to learn how to make tortillas, having local meals, and by visiting the local schools. 

Because of our vision, the president extended us an invitation to be part of the committee, who on Saturday morning would be inaugurating the museum that would offer every visitor the opportunity to learn how the Arenal Area was founded. 

Learn in more detail about the project on the following days. Keep tuned.

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