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Geotourism Challenge 2009

Every now and then an organization comes along and does something to inspire great change in the world.

Ashoka’s Changemakers is one of those organizations. The Geotourism Challenge is all about mutual inspiration, encouragement and innovation among social innovators worldwide.

Geotourism Challenge Competition logo has entered the competition. How are we innovating for social change? We aspire to help communities in the destinations we visit, and have started with our clothing project in the rural town of Chachagua, near the Arenal Volcano. While the community-run clothing store gets up and running, new plans are on the go for a community recycling program. We’re also working with another rural community in the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor by helping to jumpstart their community ecotourism initiatives.

Santuario Filaverde in Biological Corridor-  Ureña family Kids at local school in Chachagua

Read our competition entry here. Comments and suggestions are welcome in this “open-source” style of competition – this is how it is mutually inspiring. We take suggestions to make our projects better and we can learn from the other creative initiatives as well as comment on the other projects.  And everyone’s motivation is the desire for positive change. Now that’s healthy competition!

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