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My Christmas time in Costa Rica

The Arenal Volcano is clear.  You can see the smoke coming out of the crater, and the tourists in town taking pictures, as well as the locals like me.
Christmas in the tropics is different, at least that’s what I think.  People look happier, there’s lots of hugging involved, jokes, loud conversations, people laughing, and the ambiance is just a happy one. My family and I ended up having a barbecue in the open patio, the sky was covered with starts, there was a cool breeze, and the smell of meat on the grill made it to the neighbor‘s houses, who later on stopped by to have a bite with us.
The time to open the presents arrived. I think my sisters and I were as excited as our two little niece and nephew about opening their presents. We headed to the little Christmas tree, in my Mom’s living room, which had a few presents under it. It made me think of my childhood, and the JUST one present that my sisters and I used to get or even share for Christmas, but we knew that gift was so precious, and we will make it last forever. Hard times, but definitely unforgettable ones for us.
Back to the 2009 Christmas at my Mom’s, the two little ones started opening presents, their faces all happy, and Allison the oldest one, was so excited that she actually cried and said “makes me so happy to open all these presents” I couldn’t hold myself, and I cried as well…

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your families and friends, and that the new year that is about to come, fill your lives with many blessings and lots of more memorable family times, which at the end is the most important thing in anybody’s life.

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Thanks for sharing your Christmas story with everyone Irene!

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