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Hotel Terra: Green Luxury in Jackson Hole


If you are looking to get away to the Jackson Hole area, consider checking out this luxury hotel that is also hip, sustainable, and inspired to be extordinary.  Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, was planned and built with the concept that it would be both healthier for its guests and for the land it inhabits. This eco-boutique has succeeded in becoming part of the global movement to change the way the hospitality industry interacts with our planet’s limited natural resources.

The 72 room, 6-story Hotel Terra in Teton Village, is built on a half acre site – slope side to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and at the gateway to Grand Teton National Park. Eco skiers will find this alternative, low-impact, not your ordinary ski resort, to their liking.

Hotel Terra is one of only six LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified hotels in the U.S. You won’t get your linens or the fluffy towels changed everyday, but they are all made of pure organic cotton. This is a place that will actually allow you to fling open windows, make organic fair-trade coffee, and shower with natural soap. In addition, you will enjoy heated slate bathroom floors, rain showers, supersized tubs and iPod docks. You will sleep on natural mattresses that integrate un-bleached, un-dyed cotton and recycled springs and you can wash your hair with organic shampoo. What else could you ask for in a green hotel?

Clothes hangers are made from sustainably harvested bamboo, reclaimed skyscraper glass that was molded into soap dishes, along with sink and shower fixtures that save water. To continue this fusion of old and new, the structure was partially built with lumber from old barns and farmhouses and the roof sports reused shingles. The hotel hopes to eventually offset 100% of its energy usage with wind biomass and other renewable energy sources.

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole offers the exceptional amenities and services expected from boutique hotels, combined with environmentally sustainable building and operating practices.

For more information visit: or call 800-631-6281, or 307-739-4000

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