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What Makes Managua’s Airport Unique?

Nicaragua has been deemed the next “it destination” in Central America. While the purpose of many travelers’ visits to Central America’s largest country is to experience the volcanoes, lakes, beaches, wildlife, and culture–the first and last impressions of the country may be the most important. And where do those impressions take place? Unless you’re coming by foot or boat, Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. Here are three unforgettable features of Nicaragua’s main airport located in Managua.

Handmade, Not Hudson News: The backdrop of the hustle and bustle of black suits, is a colorful sea of handmade souvenirs. No chain stores or shops here, just stalls featuring authentic Nicaraguan handicrafts that will leave you wanting to shop for even your extended family members! And a wallet in the airport is $8–the same price you’ll pay in a local market. Same price as outside the airport? That’s unheard of.

High-Quality Chocolate at a Low Price: After getting your fill of free samples, a specialty chocolate bar made with Nicaraguan cacao will only set you back $1.76.  We can’t think of any other airports that offer artisanal chocolate for less than $2. And you can feel good about supporting a local company–Momotombo is founded by a Nicaraguan who is using the same cacao his grandfather used!



More Breakfast Bang for Your Buck: Sure they smell good, but how filling is a Cinnabon roll? At MGA, you can get a huge and hearty Nicaraguan breakfast including eggs, plantains, beans, rice, cheese, sausage, orange juice and coffee for only $3!


Note: A version of this piece was published at Stuck At The Airport.  




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There is certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.
I like all of the points you have made.

  • I saw that airport as it was being remodeled/expanded and then once finished. Very smart investment because, as you say, first and last impressions help cement one’s experience with a place. Same with Amman, Jordan’s recently opened Queen Alia Intl Airport.

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